PACHO has a clear guidance and business principles in order to provide the best services to our clients. These principles are: Communication, Integrity, Progress and Equality.


PACHO recognizes the importance of communication with all our stakeholders including our employees, clients, business partners and general public. By giving and receiving feedback and comments, we will have the ability to learn and improve. This is also an important skill that we want to instil in our company.

We value criticisms and suggestions because that is how we can know what to improve.


PACHO insists on honesty and integrity in all aspects of our business. All services of PACHO is delivered accurately and fairly in accordance with the service contracts we signed with our clients. As a designer, we especially respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect them to respect ours. We will pay extra effort to protect our intellectual property rights.


Technologies evolve rapidly. We therefore aim for continuous development in our skills and knowledge. PACHO promises to look for the best way we can do to satisfy needs of our clients in an effective and efficient way.

Besides, we treasure innovation and creativity. We constantly identify new ways of devising new products or services.


We believe technology makes a better living to all people. Everyone has the right to access technology. Therefore, PACHO, as a responsible enterprise, will charge services at reasonable discounted rates to projects of this purpose.

Besides, we also offer discounts to student groups, SMEs and charitable organizations.