Taken on January 23, 2013 by Daniel Zedda

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Sorry for the lack of communication these days but I have terribly busy redoing my house.
After much effort it’s now a much better place to live in and I am very glad I went through the hassle.

I also finally published my review on my recently purchased tripod, the Feisol CT-3442, you can read it on dpreview or on fredmiranda forums.
Let me know what you think : )

This photo is from the series I took at the beach a while back, it’s not even particularly sharp (guess I moves the tripod while taking the exposure) but I like it noneless.
This leaf was just sitting there begging for a picture.

All in all, all is well : )

– Lens profiling and exposure optimization in Lightroom.
– Dust cleaning… (I really hate doing this)
– Local contrast boost and general darkening (to take care of some of the haziness)
– Sharpening using unsharp mask and layer masks.